New Version of Installer and Bug Fixes


  • New 1.1.1 version of the installer. This fixes the missing files problems some folks were having. If you have already installed the updated maps files, please disregard. This will prevent new players from having some of these problems.
  • The new installer is also using a self signed certificate that should fix some of the warnings that people were getting. There are so many potential user cases, that I am not equipped to fix all of them. Rest assured everything we are installing is safe. Check on Discord to discuss particular concerns.
  • If you are having issues please uninstall Orake Reborn, then Reinstall from the 1.1.1 installer.

Below is a list of general bug fixes. The team can and has been fixing bugs non-stop since the launch. Please let us know of any other bugs in the Tech-Support or Suggestions channels on Discord

General / Quest
• Tutorial (original/short) text changes to reflect the "Reborn" era
• Added Bronze Sword, Bow/Arrows, and Training Staff (E) as a reward from completing Hidden Chest 2 quest in the story mode tutorial
• Changed the ability to enter the Mushroom Hideout in the Dino Cave to using a pickaxe on the wall at 70 mining. • P. Mushroom Leader now takes you to outside the cave that the Easter Bunny resides in / Easter "Event" text changes to reflect new home for the event
• Fixed the cost of the Easter Cape (BL) in the Pet Shop
• Adjusted Purple Easter Candy from +200 HP/MP to +100 HP/MP for balancing purposes
• Adjusted the Maze for Easter Egg 1 to be completeable again
• "The Beast" quest changed from 5 Grox to 30 Grox
• Eternal Dungeon map is no longer Members only
• Removed "Power Paper" from description of Hades Wand as it no longer requires it
• Golden Blogo Chest is now stackable when noted
• Adjusted some recipes to reflect some item name changes (C. Magic Rocks > Magic Orbs, Fire Soul Stones > Large Soul Stones)
• Adjusted Costume Key price in Rage Cave shop to reflect new prices
• Fixed some water tiles you could walk on
• Removed the quest icon from Power Battle Hammers as they do not have a quest to give

• Snow Log Tertiary drop changed from an empty item to Pine Needles if they were still in the game (You can not obtain Pine Needles any longer)
• Fixed a text issue with Crito gathering
• Fixed Mana Bug blessing dropping too often
• Fixed the value for noted Cooked Electric Eels

Drop Table
• Rats now drop rat hide once again (1/10)
• Given Rali the ability to drop Angel Rings again (1/500)
• Dragon Slayer added back in Dragon Shield to drop table (1/1000)
• Pukin Heads had their "0 Sand" drop fixed
• Dino Orb and T3 Crate added back to Dino Death Mage drop table (1/10)
• Various other drop table fixes (50+ fixes)(edited)

From Zach

(we've been fixing things as they've been reported but I was forgetting to post the fixes here, this is an updated list as of 8/20 - thanks for all the reports so far, hopefully you're enjoying Orake Reborn! Keep the reports coming!)

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where is the install for this.   I see and article written where is says it's offline yet mentions bugs being reported.  Is it running or is it not running?  I'm confused.  Thanks.

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Hi, this game has transferred ownership and is currently not available on It is downloadable on Steam here:
Join the discord as well for quicker responses:

Update: I just realized we got ownership of the itch page now as well. There is a zip file and instructions on how to install the game from itch at the bottom of our page!

Thank you for your reply