Update 2.0.2

Update 2.0.2

• Total stat bonuses over +255 will now properly be displayed in your stats window.
• When opening a shop or trade, your inventory will also open.
• Players will now be told about the new whispering system when trying to use the old one.
• Repositioned text in the Guild window to look nicer and prevent overlap.
• On level up, you will also be told what your new level is.
• You will now be told 5 seconds before one of your buffs run out. (Buff bar still in the works!)
• Alchemize is now upgradeable! Greater Alchemize (T2) takes 500 casts to reach and returns 30% of an item's value. Master Alchemize (T3) takes 1000 casts and returns 35% value.

We still haven't made a buff bar with icons, timers, etc., but a little notice is better than nothing! Also, finally cracked the code to making Alchemize have different tiers with greater returns, which has been suggested for a while now.


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