Update 2.0.4: Highscores!

UPDATE 2.0.4

• Added a primitive Highscores list. Type "/highscores", "/hs", "/ladder", "/hiscores" to show the top 7 highest Combat Levels. Type a stat name (or a portion of it) after the command to show the top 7 highscores in that stat, including PVP kills (e.g. "/hs gath" shows top 7 Gathering highscores). Players Combat Level 10 and above or with total stats of at least 50 will be recorded for highscores. Highscores are recorded upon logging out. We eventually plan to get a full list in-game and/or on the website.

Other Changes
• Quest tracker will now properly update when dropping items needed for the quest task.
• Players can no longer attack each other if in the same party.
• Added a global message to announce when a player reaches the max level in any stat.
• Muted players will no longer be able to talk in Map chat in addition to Global.
• Item descriptions will now show in the Market when hovering over items.
• Fixed clipping in Desert tilesets. Fixed some other graphical clipping/ugliness.

Highscores is another feature that has been asked for for a long time! It's currently in its early stages but we hope it will stimulate some competition, or at least keep higher-leveled players going. Moving to databases was a brilliant improvement and hopefully we can get this info on our website (orakeonline.com), or the wiki, or in-game to display a full list that's searchable and all the fun stuff. With databasing, it's probably best for us to move accounts over as well in the near future!


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