Update 2.0.6

Update 2.0.6

The player-owned land system needs more work and testing, so we wanted to give you what was already ready!

• Implemented a proper Buffbar! You can right-click your buffs to cancel them, but it wont refund the cooldown/item.
• Added a kill counter for bosses.
• Fixed a bug that caused potentially massive lag on monster kill. This also caused heavy server lag with many players on line.
• Your mouse icon will change to indicate when you're picking an item to Alchemize 

• Made panoramas pan slower (caused dizziness for some)
• Fixed stormy weather on maps that caused a white screen
• Fixed a bug that caused your Costume Ring2 item to be faded in equipment window 

• Quest tasks that require you to reach a map will now display the map's name 

• Quest tasks to kill monsters will now update properly for all party members
• A guild message will now be displayed when someone joins/leaves a guild
• Shooting/casting spells at enemies will trigger their chat bubble (previously on melee triggered it)
• The currency window ("would you like to drop/deposit/withdraw?") will close on player move


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