Easter Event 2020!

The Easter event is here! The event will last for one week. Please get the newest Steam/itch.io update for some of the new assets. Speak to the Easter Bunny in Aracia for more information and to be warped to the event.

Easter Egg Hunt
• Begin the hunt by warping to the Bunny Caverns via the Easter Bunny. You must find your way to through the maze there to accept the quest start and then go on an expedition to find all 10 eggs! • Hint: The first egg is in the Caverns, but the rest are scattered throughout Orake in maps accessible to all. Mind you, this will be no easy task to do on your own. • After completing the hunt, you will be granted permanent access to the Poison Mushroom Leader's Pet Token shop where various unique items can be purchased, including one of the strongest "pets" in Orake!

The Wabbit King
• Every 12 hours, the Wabbit King appears in the Bunny Caverns to check on its subjects.
• When defeated, it will drop various useful event items as well as trigger an additive 50% World Blessing!
• (Additive means that if there is a World Blessing, this will stack on top of it. For example, if you activate a 30% Bless before killing the King, everyone will receive a grand total of 80% bonus XP for one hour!)

Stay home, stay safe, and happy holidays!


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