Update 2.0.3 and NEW GUI!

Update 2.0.3

Changed almost every aspect of the GUI.
• Recentered pet, options, guild, and drop/withdraw/deposit menus
• Customized appearance of the options and guild menus
• Reordered equipment menu in character sheet
• New Tips & Tricks with two more helpful pages and clickable links
• Added a "Deposit All" button to the bank

Other Client Changes
• Replaced all instances of "SP" with "MP"
• Chat now has local timestamps
• Guild Admin panel received text limits to match existing limits
• Guild tags will no longer show if you turn usernames off in options
• "/help" has been updated with new whisper command, /w
• Mouse will turn grey instead of green when clicked/held
• "Server 1 Pve" is no longer drawn under game time in top-left corner
• Set max limit of block, crit, dodge, and parry to 100%
• Spell descriptions provide more information
• Exactly 1m and 10m item stacks' (i.e. coins) number color now match their intervals
• Removed "cannot swap spells" message when trying to double-click-to-cast spells
• Pressing 'Esc' with chat open now closes it instead of writing an invalid character

Server Changes
• You can now craft items with a full inventory (provided you have enough space for products)!
• Will no longer receive duplicate messages when accepting quests.
• Alchemize spells will no longer show "+MP" heals and will now properly consume mana.

A new GUI for this game is a breath of fresh given the amount of work going into repositioning and making dedicated areas for certain texts. A "Deposit all" button for the bank was another thing asked for a while. The real challenge was fixing the recipe system to properly check your inventory slots for free spaces. But, it's fixed and now you can craft stuff with full inventory if you have space for the products!


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