Update 2.0.1

We finally fixed a major issue with the game! Players were constantly getting DirectX and "Out of Memory" crashes, and issue related with engine limits. We were finally able to free up some of that memory and dead code and as far as the testing, there are no more crashes! It was very frustrating to players to constantly reopen their clients, so we hope they will notice the smoother gaming experience.

More sprites have been fixed to appear less blurry and remove clipping in their animations. Also some QoL stuff like removing overlaps in the recipe selector when crafting and the FPS counter at the top right when you type "/fps".  

There is much more to go, but we are very happy it's going! We are also expecting some new visibility on Steam, so we hope this will bring back some old players and in some newer ones!


We've also added support for opening the wiki page of an item/spell/monster you Shift+Alt+Click on! This *mostly* works given the naming discrepancies in game and on the wiki. It does *not* work for things on your hotbar and shops, the latter being the most useful reason for this feature, but it will continue being worked on!

The new whisper function is now "/w name msg". The old one was very unusual and confused many newer players, and we hope veterans can quickly get used to this new system.


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50 days ago

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