Hey guys!

There will be an update in a few minutes or so. 

Firstly, we will implement the Turkey Day event! Starving Turkeys have left their abode in search of food and will roam around the main islands!

One turkey has eaten all the food and become Overgrown! Defeat it every 6 hours to trigger an additive 50% World Blessing! This means that if you use a 30% World Blessing before killing the Overgrown Turkey, it will stack for a grand total of 80% bonus exp!

Starving Turkeys drop Turkey Feathers and raw Turkey items. Feathers can be used to gain access to a unique area containing the Overgrown Turkey.

Raw Turkeys can be cooked in various creation zones, although there is a special area for it at the Turkey farm. They can be cooked into special Roasted Turkeys that reward exp in the various collection and creation skills! The exp is based on the best item collectible or creatable every 20 levels (i.e. Lv1, Lv20, Lv40, etc.) up to level 99.

This provides a temporary combat-orientated alternative to skilling given how easy Starving Turkeys are to hunt.

We will also add TWO more new areas to the Boneyard (Warning: PVP!) related to the Boneyard (SW) release with the new Razorwing Bonefly boss, for a total of 5 new maps, 3 new bosses, 2 new quests, 1 new shop, and a new monster type! There will be some level req changes to Death Ghost as well!

Please also download the new client (OrakeClassic1.2.0) to be able to see some of the new stuff!

Happy Turkey Day from us all!

Relevant Links: 
Discord: https://discord.gg/yzbRwJK
Wiki: https://orake.fandom.com/wiki/Orake_Wikia
Our website: https://orakeonline.com/

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/app/516510/

EDIT: Update complete, game is back online!


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