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Orake Classic

2D tile-based MMORPG featuring a variety of skills, bosses, quests, and extensive lands to explore · By orakeonline


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A Month of Bless Weekends!
Hi all! If you're reading this, we want to inform you we are promoting Orake on Steam and will be having Bless-filled weekends for the next month, starting toda...
Update 2.0.2
Update 2.0.2 • Total stat bonuses over +255 will now properly be displayed in your stats window. • When opening a shop or trade, your inventory will also op...
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Update 2.0.1a
• Made a /w command with same Usage message as improperly whispering someone. • Press "M" to hide/show the minimap. • You can now SHIFT+ALT+CLICK quests i...
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Update 2.0.1
We finally fixed a major issue with the game! Players were constantly getting DirectX and "Out of Memory" crashes, and issue related with engine limits. We were...
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Orake Classic 2.0.0: Naitpyge Desert out tomorrow!
[b]Orake Classic update 2.0.0 will be released this Friday, February 7, 2020![/b] It will feature a new area: the Naitpyge Desert and its new town named Aerapoe...
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Update 1.2.2
UPDATE 1.2.2 Inferno Cave Expansion! The Inferno Cave has been expanded with 3 new maps that connect in a circular fashion, a new wyrm, and a new unique boss!...
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Hey guys! There will be an update in a few minutes or so. Firstly, we will implement the Turkey Day event! Starving Turkeys have left their abode in search of...
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Orake Classic is online!
The game has been claimed by a team of familiar players. We are working on bugs and general quality of life fixes for the game, but it is available to play now!...
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