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Orake Classic

2D tile-based MMORPG featuring a variety of skills, bosses, quests, and extensive lands to explore · By orakeonline


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Update 2.0.6
Update 2.0.6 The player-owned land system needs more work and testing, so we wanted to give you what was already ready! • Implemented a proper Buffbar ! You c...
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Update 2.0.5: More bank and spellbook space!
Update 2.0.5 We have made extensive character changes, so you must have the newest client version to log in and play (version 2.0.5). Get it through steam or it...
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Update 2.0.4: Highscores!
UPDATE 2.0.4 Highscores • Added a primitive Highscores list. Type "/highscores", "/hs", "/ladder", "/hiscores" to show the top 7 highest Combat Levels. Type a...
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Update 2.0.3 and NEW GUI!
Update 2.0.3 GUI OVERHAUL! • Changed almost every aspect of the GUI. • Recentered pet, options, guild, and drop/withdraw/deposit menus • Customized appear...
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A Month of Bless Weekends!
Hi all! If you're reading this, we want to inform you we are promoting Orake on Steam and will be having Bless-filled weekends for the next month, starting toda...
Update 2.0.2
Update 2.0.2 • Total stat bonuses over +255 will now properly be displayed in your stats window. • When opening a shop or trade, your inventory will also op...
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Update 2.0.1a
• Made a /w command with same Usage message as improperly whispering someone. • Press "M" to hide/show the minimap. • You can now SHIFT+ALT+CLICK quests i...
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Update 2.0.1
We finally fixed a major issue with the game! Players were constantly getting DirectX and "Out of Memory" crashes, and issue related with engine limits. We were...
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